Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I shop at the Palo Alto Farmers’ Market?

  1. The freshness of the fruit, vegetables, bread, nuts and fish is beyond compare. This is the #1 reason people shop at Farmers’ Markets.
  2. Our market is a non-profit organization and we donate the proceeds from each growing season to Avenidas, an organization serving seniors in the mid-Peninsula area.
  3. You will help small, local farmers survive and thrive during a time when large corporate farms seem ever more common. This rare meeting of farmers and consumers can be a great educational experience where you can learn about your food sources, have access to nutritional information, engage in a multi-cultural experience and become aware of agricultural issues.
  4. By purchasing produce directly from farmers you reduce the costs associated with resellers, usually resulting in a lower purchase price for you.
  5. The market is a fantastic community gathering place. You’re bound to see friends and neighbors at the market each week and you’ll probably make new friends, too.


Q: Are prices higher at Farmers’ Markets than the grocery store?

Not necessarily. The prices you find at the Farmers’ Market should be comparable to the prices you find in nearby supermarkets. In fact, many Farmers’ Market customers tell us that our prices are lower especially when you consider the quality of the produce purchased.


Q: What is a Certified Farmers’ Market?

Certified Farmers’ Markets are locations that have been approved by the county agricultural commissioner where certified farmers sell agricultural products they have grown themselves directly to the public.


Q: Is the Palo Alto Farmers’ Market certified?

Yes, we are a Certified Market under California Code.


Q: What is organic?

Generally speaking, organic produce is grown without the use of toxic chemicals. Farmers rely on natural methods to rid their crops of pests and weeds. In 1990 the California Organic Foods Act was established to protect the public from false and misleading organic food claims. As a result of this act, for farmers to label their produce as “organic”, they must be registered with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) or the Department of Health Services (DHS) . Some farmers choose to go one step further and apply to have their produce be “certified organic” with one of the registered certifiers operating in the state. For more information on organic farming, research, and certification procedures visit the Organic Farming Research Foundation web site.

Q: How can I become a vendor at the Market?

Each vendor must apply for participation at the downtown Palo Alto Farmers’ Market. Because we are a smaller market, we take great care in ensuring we provide a wide variety of fresh produce and local food products. If you think that you have a unique food product or have produce you think our customers would enjoy, please fill out and application and email us.

PAFM sells ONLY:

  • Fresh produce and other agricultural products (e.g., flowers, seedlings)
  • Locally produced foods (i.e. cooking oils, tofu, honey, chocolate)


PAFM does NOT sell:

  • Personal services, such as massage or chiropractics
  • Non-agriculture items, such as cell phones, jewelry, arts & crafts, or clothing