Market Rules

Help us serve you better by complying with these few rules for good market etiquette.
Palo Alto Farmers Market opens at 8am every Saturday. Please do not try to enter the market before 8am. There are safety issues when the vendors are setting up their stalls.

  • When in line at a vendor’s stall, please try not to block access to another vendor’s stall.
  • No pets are allowed at the market, except working service dogs. (Therapy dogs are not considered service dogs, sorry)
  • Please park bikes outside the market, away from barricades designating fire routes
  • Please be considerate of others when bringing large strollers, wagons, or carts into the Market.
  • Music starts at 9:30a, not before. Please do not stand in the middle of the street while talking or listening to music. Gilman Street is still open to cars during market hours
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