Allied Arts Apiaries

Vendors: John and Debbie Burkholder

Location: Menlo Park, CA

Products: Local Seasonal Honey

Allied Arts Apiary harvests honey that is local, raw and natural. This artisanal honey is a multifloral with a mix of nectars from a wide variety of flowers, blooming shrubs and trees in the Allied Arts neighborhood bordering San Francisquito creek. AAA bees originate from wild (feral) honey bees caught as swarms in the neighborhood and introduced into conventional hives in John and Debbie’s backyard.

The lighter colored honey is from the spring harvest. As the seasons progress the honey takes on a darker color.  Dissolved pollens in the honey make it a consideration for those with seasonal allergies. AAA honey is straight from the comb, not heated or filtered.

John started beekeeping on his grandparent’s farm in North Georgia. After some decades hiatus he wanted to rejoin beekeeping so he and wife Debbie joined the San Mateo Beekeepers Guild and became schooled on this enjoyable backyard hobby. John says, “We think you’ll enjoy the local natural product of all our hardworking honey bees!”