Category: Vendors

Allied Arts Apiaries

Vendors: John and Debbie Burkholder Location: Menlo Park, CA Products: Local Seasonal Honey   John and Debbie Burkholder bring a delicious variety of seasonal honeys to the Market from their Menlo Park home. It’s a treat to taste the difference between their autumnal Eucalyptus honey and their spring Wildflower honey. Blossoms change throughout the year [Continue]

Coke Farm

Vendors:   Dale and Christine Coke Location:  San Benito County Website: Products: Organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs, including heirloom lettuces, greens, squashes, root vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, basil, rosemary, thyme, lemons, and strawberries, as well as prepared foods made in their commercial kitchen using ingredients from their farm. PAFM Vendor since 1988    Coke Farm, [Continue]

Larse Farms

Vendor: Donna & John Comelli Location: Watsonville, CA Products: Strawberries, raspberries, eggs   Donna and John Comelli have been bringing quality berries and eggs from three neighboring farms – Larse Farms (Watsonville), Huezo Farms (Aromas), and Glaum Egg Ranch (Aptos) – for over 12 years now. Sweet Darling strawberries, grown exclusively at Larse Farms, are [Continue]

Schletewitz Family Farms

Vendor: Eric and Alessandra Schletewitz Location: Sanger, CA Products: Fresh and dried fruit, nuts, stone fruit, tomatoes, grapes, citrus   Schletewitz Farms, started in 1932, is truly a family enterprise! The family philosophy is to grow only what they themselves enjoy, and their goal is to provide wholesome food for others to enjoy. To achieve [Continue]

Finest Edge

Vendor: Finest Edge (knife sharpening) Website: Product: Precision mobile knife sharpening – 4th Saturday every month   Mike Uno professionally sharpens knives at Farmers’ Markets around the Bay Area. Bring your blades to the Market and have them sharpened while you shop!

Shampa’s Pies

Vendor: Shampa’s Pies Location: San Francisco, CA Website: Products: Pies large and small   Haruwn Wesley brings fresh fruit pies, chocolate pies, pumpkin pies, sweet potato pies, lemon pies, and others, to Market. The fruits are organic and seasonally sourced. The sweet potatoes are organic and spiced with ginger. Mmmmm!

Little Sky Bakery

Vendor: Little Sky Bakery Location: Menlo Park, CA Website: Products: Naturally Leavened Cottage-baked Breads   Tian Tian Mayimin started baking bread leavened with a natural starter that she got from her mother, who in turn got it from monks in a temple. The results are delicious and unique. Tian bakes her bread in her [Continue]

Gourmand Artisan Foods

Vendor: Gourmand Artisan Foods Location: Hayward, CA Website: Products: Spiced nuts and peanuts, Almond Milk Tea   John Tran brings the taste of peanuts to life with his family recipes for spicy Chili-Lime peanuts, Coconut Peanuts, and more. New for 2017, Almond Milk Tea!

Evergreen Acres Dairy

Vendor: Mike and Jane Hulme Location: Tres Pinos, CA Website: Products: Guernsey Goat Milk, Raw Aged Cheshire and Feta Cheeses, Pastured Duck Eggs The herd at Evergreen Acres Dairy is 90 percent Guernsey goats, Nigerian Dwarfs and Nubians that produce sweet, high butterfat milk. Guernsey goat milk tastes creamy and sweet, and does not have the “goaty” taste that can be found in milk from [Continue]

Nana’s Hummus

Vendor: Liza Spiridon Location: Palo Alto, CA Website: Products: Traditional Lebanese Hummus Nana’s Hummus is a mother-daughter small business based in Palo Alto.  Nana’s daughters Liza and Grace encouraged their mother to begin selling her traditional Lebanese hummus that had been enjoyed by their family and friends for years.