Larse Farms

Vendor: Donna & John Comelli

Location: Watsonville, CA

Products: Strawberries, raspberries, eggs


Donna and John Comelli have been bringing quality berries and eggs from three neighboring farms – Larse Farms (Watsonville), Huezo Farms (Aromas), and Glaum Egg Ranch (Aptos) – for over 12 years now.

Sweet Darling strawberries, grown exclusively at Larse Farms, are known for their size, color and sweet flavor. The climate in Watsonville is ideal for berries, and the farm prides itself on its agricultural practices, utilizing integrated pest management to minimize the need for pesticides and fungicides.

Glaum Egg Ranch has been in the egg business since 1953. It’s a third-generation family business that is dedicated to raising healthy chickens, since that is what makes high quality eggs. The ranch is 100% cage free, so their chickens always have the luxury of roaming free, dust bathing, perching, nesting, eating and drinking. They drink fresh water daily from the ranch’s own well and are fed a natural organic and vegetarian diet without animal byproducts. The Comellis recently started bringing certified organic eggs to the Market, in addition to their free-range conventional eggs.