Contreras Nursery & Flowers

Vendors: Jesus and Rosa Contreras

Location: Moss Beach, CA

Products: Flowers

Contreras Flowers

Customers love the gorgeous display of fresh flowers!

For Jesus Contreras, wife Rosa, their four daughters and a son, growing flowers is a family affair. Everyone is actively involved in the business, from growing flowers to selling at the Market. Jesus came to California from Mexico in the late 1960s. Together with Rosa, they established their farm in Moss Beach and raised five children.

The Contreras family has been selling fresh flowers at PAFM for over twenty-five years. They enjoy that the Market is well attended by friendly people and that they have an opportunity to sell more flower varieties at PAFM than at many of the other Bay Area markets they attend.

What keeps people coming back to their stall? The Contrerases think it’s because they’ve been long-time vendors, are a family-run business, and – most important – the flowers are always freshly cut. Observe the blissful look on the face  of a customer with a gorgeous bundle of Contreras flowers, and you’ll see the magic that a beautiful bouquet can bring.

Flower tips:

Tulips: Place a pin through the stem at the base of the flower to straighten the stem and keep the flower upright.

Hydrangeas: Keep water fresh and mist regularly because hydrangeas absorb moisture from both the roots and flowers.

All Flowers: Cut stems on the diagonal. Re-cut and change water every 2-3 days.