G & S Farm

Vendor: Roy Ghiggeri & Glenn Stonebarger

Location: Brentwood, CA

Products: Fresh corn

PAFM vendor since 1987

G & S Farm

Josh & Chris Melgoza with the amazing ears of corn from G & S Farm

Ghiggeri and Stonebarger Farms, better known as G&S, joined the PAFM in 2005 in order to sell their super sweet white and yellow corn. The G&S farm, located in Brentwood, has been in the family since 1935, and Emilio Ghiggeri planted the first sweet corn there in 1945. Today, Emilio’s son, Roy Ghiggeri, runs the farm, along with Emilio’s son-in law, Glenn Stonebarger. The two farm around a thousand acres in Brentwood.

Says Roy Ghiggeri, “Farming is a way of life: I enjoy being out in the fresh air and environment. Unfortunately urban development is becoming a problem. Also equipment costs and consolidation of chain stores have made farming more difficult. We enjoy going to the farmers’ markets because of the interaction we receive with the consumers on a one-to-one basis. It feels really great to supply the consumer with a truly fresh product. My children love it, and I enjoy exposing them to this wonderful way of life.”

Come by the stand on Saturday, and you’ll meet either Joe or Angela Ghiggeri, or maybe Tasha, Brian, or Angelo.