Gibson Farms

Vendor: Ginger and Gilbert Gibson

Location: Hollister, CA

Products: Dried apricots and walnuts

PAFM vendor since 1981


Gibson Farms has been with the PAFM since the very first year of the Market, but the Gibson family has been growing apricots and walnuts much longer than that. Their farm was “started in the late thirties by our father and uncle,” say Gilbert and Ginger, whose delicious dried apricots, walnuts, and happy manner are familiar to Market regulars. “Our parents (as retirees) had the time to branch out into the Farmers’ Market racket for a couple of years and they found that Palo Alto’s market was their favorite.” The farm, located in Hollister (67 miles from PAFM), is still family-owned and operated today by their brother. “We inherited the stall and the good will [our parents] established,” say the Gibsons.

What keeps them coming back to the market? “We find PAFM pleasant way to spend Saturday mornings,” say the Gibsons, who leave home every Saturday at 5:45am in order to make it to Market. They like the park-like setting provided by the oak trees and other greenery surrounding the Market, as well as the PAFM customers.

The Gibsons certainly have built a dedicated following who appreciate what they provide. “Customers tell us that our apricots have accompanied them to the Himalayas, Central Africa, Scandinavia, even Turkey(!) One bride even asked her parents to be sure to bring a supply of our apricots with them to her wedding celebration in a castle just outside of Turin, Italy!”

Why do customers keep coming back? Gilbert and Ginger “like to think it’s the quality of our products – both the organically and the conventionally grown.” But customers also enjoy chatting with the Gibsons, who are wonderfully approachable at their perennial corner stand.