Giusti Farms

Vendors: Ed Riley and Terry Giusti Riley

Location: Half Moon Bay, CA

Products: Peas, artichokes, brussels sprouts, beets

PAFM vendor since 1981

Giusti Farms

Ed and Terry and their outrageously tasty artichokes.

The Giusti family has been bringing their great local produce to PAFM “since the first day of the Market,” say Ed Riley and his wife, Terry Giusti Riley, but farming has been in the family much longer than that. Terry’s grandfather was already a farmer in Lucca, Italy, before coming to America in 1922, and settling into a new farming life in Half Moon Bay. Terry’s father, Aldo Giusti, started Giusti Farms in Half Moon Bay in 1949 and is still working the farm.

Terry was born on the farm and has been helping to bring her family’s produce to the PAFM since it first started in 1981. Ed signed on in 1993. These days, you’ll see Ed and Terry at the Market, and sometimes their children, Dylan, Amy, and Thais. It’s a multi-generational passion, according to Ed, who says, “the family loves farming – it’s in their blood!”

PAFM regulars know that they can look in the front left corner of the Market to find the Giusti stand, which features outrageously tasty peas and artichokes in-season, as well as brussels sprouts, beets, and chard year-round. The peas are most popular at the Market, says Ed, though the artichokes are what make the menus at local restaurants. All of their produce comes from the family’s 300 acre farm in Half Moon Bay.

What brings people back to the Giusti stand, aside from the peas and the artichokes? “Our sense of humor,” says Ed. “And obviously Terry’s and my good looks.”

Ed contends, in his understated way, that “yeah, the Market Board has been trying to get rid of me for years.” He claims this is why we moved the Giusti stand to the front of the Market. “But that’s as far as they’ve been able to push me — I’m stubborn, and so is Terry!” It’s a good thing, too.

Ed continues, “it may look like I’m having fun out here, but I’m only here because my wife tells me I’d better be… and I always do what my wife tells me!”

Seriously, Ed and Terry say they keep coming back to the Market because they love the people at PAFM and they love to watch families who come to the Market grow and change. They have many funny memories of the Market, as you might expect. “I remember when one of the farmers broke down [on the way to the Market],” says Ed, “but he still made the market by being towed in…and then towed back out!”