HighNote Coffee

VendorOscar Nuñez

LocationWoodside, CA

Website: www.highnotecoffee.com

ProductsFair-trade certified, organic coffee. Beans, ground, and by the cup

Oscar of High Note Coffee

Oscar of HighNote Coffee

“Coffee has been a family business for several generations,” says Oscar Nuñez, founder of HighNote Coffee. His family produces coffee in the Marcala, San Marcos, and Capucas regions of Honduras. While Oscar’s coffees are primarily from Central America, he also sources directly from producers in Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America.  He then custom blends and roasts the final products locally in Woodside, CA.

Each blend and roast profile is based on what Oscar feels brings out the best qualities of a particular coffee. By combining a little art and science in his creative process, Oscar hopes that each customer will respond with a smile.