Access to fresh and seasonal vegetables, all picked within 48 hours of being at the market, really sets our products apart. It’s the first week of July and the seasonality of our produce vendors is already in it’s second phase. In our fruits – cherries are finished up for the season – as is the season for asparagus. Coming in July and August: broccoli rab, brussel sprouts, eggplant and okra.


Returning and plentiful this month (weather willing):
Basil, berries, corn, cucumbers, dahlias, eggplant, fresh herbs, fresh lavender, lettuces, melons, nectarines, okra, peaches, peppers, plums, pluots, pole beans, new potatoes, radishes, heirloom roses, fresh shallots, summer squash, sunflowers, field-grown tomatoes, tomatillos, torpedo onions

Winding down or available only in limited supply: 
Apricots, early apple varieties, blueberries, hot house tomatoes, figs