White Peach & Tomato Chutney

What a beautiful day we got for opening day! It was great to see everyone out and meet the returning and new vendors at the market. Each week I’ll be doing my shopping at the Farmer’s Market — then coming home and making a recipe with ingredients you can find at our Farmer’s Market.

I love stone fruit – so the trays of stone fruit at the Kawhiwase Farms booth really caught my eye. Kawhiwase is located in Winton, California. Find them here on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/kashiwasefarms
Steven and Lisa Kashiwase ’s family has strong ties to the land in California’s Central Valley. His grandfather started a 20-acre vineyard in the 1920s, and his father purchased most of the current acreage of Kashiwase Farms in 1948. After studying pomology and entomology at UC Davis, Steven began farming in the 1970s and converted to organic in the 1990s. Steven and Lisa strive to maintain the farm, both ecologically and financially, for the next generation. Marketing directly to consumers at farmers markets and planting a diversity of crops are both important to sustaining the operation.



I adore chutneys – and here is a quick one that is made with seasonal white peaches and sugar tomatoes. It comes together quickly, but for the flavors to really explode when served – you should let the chutney sit for at least eight hours – or best 24 hours, before serving. It is colourful and flavorful and would make a great compliment for any pork or lamb entree. (and would be great with chicken, beef or tofu as well) I, personally, love the combination of sweet and spicy with any main course protein.

1/2 pint sugar baby tomatoes, quartered
4 ripe white peaches, diced
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon hot curry powder
2 medium shallots, finely diced
2 tablespoons fresh grated ginger

Add olive oil to a pan on medium-high heat and immediately add the shallots, once softened, add the curry powder and ginger until fragrant. Turn the heat down to medium and add tomatoes and peaches and stir just to coat – let the tomatoes and peaches cook for 8-10 minutes till you start to notice the juices thickening. Make sure to carefully scrape any browning off the pan and into the juices. Remove from the pan and allow to cool completely. Put in a Tupperware or jar for at least 8 hours or overnight in the refrigerator. You can either serve it warm or cold.

Here is the chutney – which is the perfect compliment to Lamb Sirloin