Wind Dancer Ranch

Vendor: Lisa Leonard

Location: Northern California


Products: Humanely raised, naturally fed heritage livestock

Wind Dancer Ranch at PAFM

Lisa Leonard from Wind Dancer Ranch

Wind Dancer Ranch is a small family farm raising heritage livestock and beautiful Spanish Arabian horses. The farm is home to a cherished collection of Heritage livestock – rare breeds of rabbit, sheep, turkeys, chickens, and hogs that represent an uncommon selection of genetic diversity in our ever-specialized food chain. Wind Dancer Ranch’s animals are raised with respect and care for their mental as well as physical health. They are free range or in large pastures where they can do what comes naturally.

At the Market, Wind Dancer Ranch offers whole American rabbits. Never tried rabbit? It is an all white meat similar to chicken breast and you can use it in just about any recipe you have for chicken. It is very tasty, has a nice texture, and cooks very cleanly in stewing recipes.