Zero Waste, Composting At Palo Alto Farmers Market

CompostWe are happy to announce the launch of our Composting Initiative! Be on the look out for green-topped compost containers when disposing of waste at the market. All fresh and perishable foods, wooden sample toothpicks and most serving plates can be placed in the compost bins. For the few non-compostable items, such as plastic forks and even your disposable coffee cups, you’ll find black-topped trash receptacles as well as a small recycling bin at the Market information booth to dispose your trash.

What can I compost?

– All food scraps
– Paper plates
– Pastry bags
– Coffee cups
– Napkins and tissues
– Toothpicks from food samples
What is not compostable?
– Utensils (yet!)
– Plastic bottles and aluminum cans
– Plastic sample cups
– Styrofoam

Thank you for helping keep the Market clean and doing your part to make our area closer to a zero-waste zone!