Welcome to the Palo Alto Farmers Market!

Seasonality is the real difference when shopping at the Downtown Palo Alto Farmer’s Market

Access to fresh and seasonal vegetables, all picked within 48 hours of being at the market, really sets our products apart. It’s the first week of July and the seasonality of our produce vendors is already in it’s second phase. In our fruits – cherries are finished up for the season – as is the season for asparagus. Coming in July and August: broccoli rab, brussel sprouts, eggplant and okra. Learn more about Seasonality at the Farmer’s Market

About the Market

We are a volunteer-run, non-profit organization, proudly serving our community since 1981. Our goal then, and still today, is to connect local farmers with our community by providing direct access to fresh and locally produced foods. All proceeds from the operation of the Market are donated to Avenidas, a community group for older adults. To date, our community donations total over $500,000. Learn more about the Market and our history. Learn more ›››+

Vendor Spotlight

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